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Getein Biotech, Inc. participated VIETNAM MEDI-PHARM


From May 9-12 2018, Getein Biotech, Inc. attended the 25th Vietnam International Exhibitions – VIETNAM MEDI-PHARM 2018, at Friendship Cultural Palace, Hanoi, Vietnam.


For this year, Getein Biotech has been launched it brand-new fully automatic POCT product- Getein1600 Immunofluorescence Analyzer to the Vietnam market。 Along with full range of GP products, it has been extremely interested by local visitors。



During the exhibition, the fully-auto analyzer Getein1600 was introduced by our engineer to customers from large and medium size hospitals。 With larger sample capacity and fully-automatic test mode, Getein1600 can effectively improve the work efficiency for many clinical departments, including Emergency, ICU, Clinical Laboratory, Cardiology Department, etc。


The GALA DINNER was hosted for celebrating the 25th Vietnam International Exhibition. Meanwhile, the host presentation was interpreted into Chinese language specifically, which indicates the rapid development and cooperation between China and Vietnam. It is believed that a great market is predicted for Getein Biotech, Inc.


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